The cultural centre Frilagret

Welcome to the cultural centre Frilagret! It hosts a variety of cultural events every year, everything from concerts to live radio broadcasts, quiz, light workshops, lectures, photo exhibitions, book releases and more. You can organize an event at Frilagret if you are between 13-30 years old. You get access to our premises and technology at no cost, our facilities are flexible and most things can be arranged - we work for you and your project. Maybe you want more people to get access to the results of your last essay, or maybe you want to perform with your theater group, most things are possible - please contact us!

You are of course still welcome even though you don’t want to organize anything, no matter age or variety!

Our workshop is equipped with computers with Adobe software and Logic, which you can use for your own work. At Frilagret there is also a cafe where you can grab a snack or lunch. We have no obligation to buy so you can sit and study, have meetings or just take it easy.

At our website, you will find information on how to go about if you want to arrange with us. There's also info on upcoming events, as well as opening hours. Welcome!

When: Autumn term
Where: Frilagret, Heurlins plats 1
Accessibility: Read about our accessibility here.

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