Discover Gothenburg

On you’ll find guides and articles about Gothenburg’s must-dos. Everything from guides to unique nature experiences and nightlife to budget tips, shopping and restaurant guides. Below we’ve gathered some of the guides.

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Go cycling in Gothenburg

An easy and eco-friendly way to explore the city.

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Green experiences and outdoor adventures

Walks, parks, adventures and more are just a tram ride away.

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What’s On this month?

Great concerts, amazing events and more this month in Gothenburg.

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LGBTQ – Gothenburg

Sweden celebrates all colours of the rainbow.

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Gothenburg on a budget

7 ways to keep it cheap.

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Go running in Gothenburg

Trails, paths and city streets to explore.

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Walks in Gothenburg

Discover Gothenburg on foot.

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Eat and drink lika a local

Here’s a few things you should try to qualify as a Gothenburg local.

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Shopping guide

Stroll around town and explore small indie shops, international stores and large malls.

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Restaurants in Gothenburg

Great food and drinks in Gothenburg.


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Discover Gothenburg’s nighlife

A guide to clubs, pubs and more.

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Four seasons in Gothenburg

When to visit the Swedish west coast.

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Inside guide

The coolest things in the city – at the moment.

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Sweden in brief

10 things you need to know before you go.